DISCLAIMER: At this point, like all practitioners (and other health care professionals) who inform you of 'whole body healing techniques', we must inform you that this information is not to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness. This statement was 'concocted' by all the industries that make a lot of money off of you remaining sick and remaining in total ignorance to original healing. However, we know better! But we have to say it anyway. Keep in mind that I said this statement was 'concocted' by people who profit from keeping you in the dark. So, I'm repeating 'the concoction' again that this information is not to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness. So, if you make the personal decision to research and/or to use any of the information suggested on this website or in the Ebook, you realize that the choices you make are your decisions, based on what you decide to do with the information given. If you have any doubts, any illnesses, or feel totally inadequate about changing your diet or your lifestyle, consult with a hollstic or homeopathic physician, a Chinese acupuncturist, an herbologist, an iridologist, or any qualified professional who knows and practices 'Original medicine' or what people call today, 'Alternative medicine'. They can work alone, or in conjunction with your own physician towards the bettermentof your health, when necessary. These writings are written for educational and informational purposes only and not as medical advice. Be sure to consult with health care professionals for any condition you may have, as mentioned above. The publisher and author are not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences, as a result of reading any information on our website or in the Ebook, or taking any of the suggestions mentioned. The writings here are based on years of research, personal experience, and the experience of 'millions' of other people throughout the world who have used these methods for decades and centuries. People have literally changed their lives through original healing methods.